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Catullus 5-11

Catullus 5-11 Vocabulary Cards

Aequor The sea, plain
Aestuosus Very hot
Aratrum Plow
Basiare To kiss
Basium A kiss
Bellus Pretty, cute
Flos Flower
Litus Shore
Mollis Soft
Monimentum Monument, memorial
Perdere To lose
Pratum Meadow
Quot How many
Seu/sive Or, if
Severus Strict
Sidus Star
Vesanus Crazy
Voluntas Will
Aestimare To value
As Penny
Basiatio A kissing
Caeles Heaven dwelling
Candidus Bright, happy
Colorare To stain
Conturbare To stir
Destinatus To chirp
Eous Eastern
Fascinare To charm
Fulgere To shine
Harena Sand
Horribilis Rough
Ilia Groin
Ineptire To be a fool
Labellum Lip
Moechus Adulterer
Mordere To bite
Ondurare To be resolute
Obstinatus Stubborn, resolute
Oraculum Oracle
Perire To die
Resonare To resound
Sagittiferus Arrow bearing
Sectari To keep chasing after
Septemginus Seven cold
Tundere To pound
Ventitare To come often
Visere To view
Created by: 18barkea