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AR History

Mount Magazine The Tallest point in Arkansas
West Gulf Coastal Plain Holds the states Lumber & Oil Industries Home to the Red, Saline, & Ouachita Rivers
Geography The study of earth, the places on earth, the people on earth and their interactions.
Ozark Plateau Home to big businesses such as Walmart, JB Hunt, & Tyson Home to the University of Arkansas - Fayetteville
Paleo Tribe Nomads Cold Climate Hunted large game - Mastadon
Archaic Tribe Hunter/gatherers
Woodland Tribe Agriculture Began 1st to develop Bow & Arrows Built Mounds - burial & ritual
5 Themes of Geography Place Location Movement Human Environmental Interaction Region
Quapaw Historic Tribe Lived in the Delta Excellent farmers due to location Made dugout canoes Arkansas is named after Quapaw tribes = Downstream People
BC Before Christ
AD Anno Domini In the year of our Lord
Prehistory Before written records
Caddo Historic Tribe Small Painted Tattooed Salt Industry
Osage Historic Tribe Warlike Large Robust Lived in Southwest Missouri Hunted/traded in Northwest Arkansas
The Explorers Motto For God, For Glory, For Gold
Henri De Tonti Arkansas - Arkansas Post LaSalle's right hand man "Father of Arkansas"
Hernando De Soto Brought Razorbacks to AR First Explorer to come to AR Called the Mississippi River the Rio Grande or "Father of Waters" Known by Casqui as the "Son of the Sun"
Confluence The point where two or more streams or rivers join and flow together
Bernard De La Harpe Searched for jewels and treasures on the AR River. Credited for naming Little Rock "Petite Roche"
Robert La Salle First explorer to travel all the way down the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico. Called the territory "La Louisiane" Killed by his men....horrible leader!
John Law Con man that made money off unkowing Europeans by sending them to AR Post. Never left Europe.
Richter Scale Measures the intensity of an Earthquake
The Louisiana Purchase Seller: Napoleon Bonaparte (France) Buyer: Thomas Jefferson Year: 1803 $$: 15 millions
Created by: cyndy.rios
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