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Unit B-4 Vocab

Hazardous Waste Waste or material that is extremely harmful to the environment and/or for people's health.
Recycle Items that are turned back into a material so they can be used for something else. Recycling helpes the environment by not producing more harmful products.
Circuit Board A board containing an electric circuit. These produce a lot of hazardous waste, which is harmful to the environment and people.
Etch To make a design on a surface, such as marker on top of copper.
Concentrate A substance with high amounts of solute or something else. It is the opposite of a diluted liquid.
Dilution Adding water to lessen the amount of the actual substance. This makes a less concentrated liquid.
Indicator It indicates whether or not a chemical reaction has occured OR it shows you if a certain substance is located in the other substance.
Combustion When something is combined with oxygen and is burned.
Incineration When an item/material/substance is put into a fire to burn.
Reclaim To retrieve or recover a piece of waste.
Filtrate Straining a substance so that extra concentrate comes out. The liquid that comes out is filtrate.
Precipitate A solid forming inside of a liquid after it has had a chemical reaction.
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