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Final Kocian Vocab

adversary opponent
antic fantastic, weird
assail wooing, loving
disparagement to dishonour
importune urge; press
augment add to
pernicious destructive, dangerous
revel make merry, party
baleful deadly; immortal
drudge slave, lackey
intercession request, plea
sententious concise and full of meaning
consorted conspiring, in league together
enmity hostility, hatred
perverse stubborn
impute assume, consider
adversity difficulty or misfortune
corse corpse
addle jumbled, confused
dissemblers deceivers
dram small dose of poison
jocund merry, joyful
lamentation fears, expression of grief or sorrow
wrought bring about; work
inundation outpouring, overflowing
prorogue defer, delay
chide rebuke, force
charnel burial vault
surcease cease, stop, leave off
lamentable sorrowful, mournful
prosage predict
apothecary druggist, pharmacist
obsequies funeral rites
inexorable unstoppable, merciless, severe
conjuration demand, entreaty
amorous expressing love
sepulchre burial place
jointure inheritance, marriage settlement
an, and if
anon soon
aye yes
but except for
e'en even
e'er ever
haply perhaps
happy fortunate
hence away from here
hie hurry
marry indeed
whence where
wilt will, will you
withal in addition to
would wish
Created by: 19longhofer.anna
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