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Biology Q2 Final

study guide for quarter two biology final

Some small fish attach themselves to the body of a shark without harming it and feed upon it's left over food. This relationship between the shark and the fish is an example of commensalism
The ribosome is an organelle that functions in the process of protein synthesis
Select the substance, chosen from the list below, that is best described by the statement shown: When added to a wet mount of elodea cells which are then observed with a microscope, this colorless substance decreases the volume of water in those cells. concentrated salt solution
Glucose and maltose are classified as organic compounds because they are both carbon-containing substances
In addition to carbon and hydrogen, a molecule of vegetable oil contains oxygen only
Which structure, composed mainly of proteins and lipids, aids in maintaining homeostasis in a cell? cell membrane
A small marine fish, periodically cleans harmful parasites from the mouth and body of the moray eel. The moray protects the wrasse from larger predators and provides it with a constant supply of food. This is an example of the relationship known as mutualism
Which cell organelle is involved most directly in the digestion of large particles brought into the cell by phagocytosis lysosome
The building blocks of DNA and RNA molecules are known as nucleotides
Which organelle is primarily concerned with the conversion of potential energy of organic compounds into suitable form for immediate use by the cell mitchondria
The process of osmosis is best illustrated by the movement water into root cells
Which piece of lab equipment would most accurately measure the volume of a liquid graduated cylinder
Organic compounds in which molecules are made up of building blocks containing amino groups are classified as proteins
Most general to most specific: kingdom phylum class order family genus species
Whicb process requires cellular energy a) passive transport b) active transport c) osmosis d )diffusion b) active transport
Which pyramid level has the most energy bottom
Vegetable oils belong to which general class of organic substances? lipids
An organism that obtains food at the expense of another living organism is known as parasite
What do you use when testing for glucose? Benedict's solution
low concentration to high concentration active transport
flow of energy: autotrophs to herbivores to carnivores
Fungi and bacteria that depend on dead organic material for their existence are classified as decomposers
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