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Ground Water The water that seeps down under the soil.
Water Vapor The gas form of water.
Source The beginning of the river.
Runoff The water that is running into the rivers or bodies of water.
Fertilizer A growth treatment for plants that is made out of animal feces and salts so it dissolves in water.
Pesticides Chemicals made out of salt that kills off insects on plants.
Herbicides Chemicals made out of salts that kill off weeds and other unwanted plants.
Nitrates/Phosophates Salts that come from fertilizers and cause rapid plant growth.
Algal Blooms Excess algae growth and normally starts small but grows quickly.
Fish Kills A rapid genocide of fish basically. It normally is do to suffocation or flesh eating bacteria.
Neuse River A river that is surrounded by millions of hogs and is very polluted.
River Basin An area of water that is held there because of a hollow type area that holds the water in.
Condensation The formation of clouds caused by water vapor condensing and joining dust particles.
Evaporation Water that is evaporating and becoming water vapor.
Transporation Water vapor coming from plants.
Infilttration Water seeping into the ground water.
Precipitation Water falling from the sky. Sleet, Snow, Rain, or Hail
pH The acidity of something. 1-6.9 is acidic, 7 is neutral, 7.1-14 is basic.
Dissolved Oxygen Oxygen that is dissolved into the water and is supposed to be there for the fish to live and not suffocate.
Hypoxia Oxygen deficiency in the water or aquatic environment.
Created by: Darth Tator