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Chapter 1 Nelson 7

Mr. Hua's Nelson 7 Chapter 1 Study Stack on Landforms.

What is a plain A generally flat area of land that can sometimes vary slightly in elevation; generally good for farmland or urban development
What is a plateau A large flat area at a higher elevation
What is mountain An area that has a higher elevation; generally found near the boundary of where tectonic plates meet.
How is a plateau formed? An upward movement of the earth, causing a large flat area to rise to a higher elevation.
What divergent boundaries? Areas where tectonic plates spread further apart; sometimes results in molten lava coming up.
What is a fold mountain? When plates converge, one plate moves under the other, causing the other plate to rise higher. This results in creating areas of higher elevation.
How can you tell if a mountain is old. Due to erosion, those mountains will appear worn down over time; elevations will be generally lower and land will appear less jagged and rough.
When you look at images of land from a "lidar" how can you tell if a landslide occurred recently? The images will appear dark and the edges of land where the landslide took place will appear well-defined and sharp.
When you look at images of land from a "lidar" how can you tell if a landslide occurred a long time ago? The images will appear lighter and the edges of land where the landslide took place will appear smooth and perhaps blurry.
What is the Ring of Fire? An area that is prone to tectonic shifts that is closely associated with volcanic activity and earthquakes.
What is the Richter Scale used for? A standard of measuring the strength of an earthquake based on its effects and the damages it causes.
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