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Biology Fall Review


Biochemistry is the study of Study of what living things are made of
Complex compounds are produced from Organic compounds
What are four organic compounds that we have discussed in the unit and give an example of each Protein > Hydrogen, Carbohydrate > Glucose, Lipids>Fat, Nucleus >DNA
What of the following is an organic compound? C6H12O6
Polymerization is the formation of a _________? Polymer
Polymerization is the result of two or more
As a result of polymerization, a water molecule is given off. This type of reaction is also called? Dehydration eyhtheasis
List the building blocks for each biomolecule we have discussed Lipid, Protein, Carbohydrate and Nucleic Acid
How many different amino acids are there and what biomolecule do they form 20 and they form Protein
List the elements that make up each biomolecule individually Lipid, Protein, Carbohydrate and Nucleic Acid
Starch, when digested, is broken down into Monosaccharide's
Enzymes are which type of biomolecule? Protein
What is a protein function? They function as catalist
Enzymes are specific or nonspecific to the type of reaction they catalyze? Specific
What is the correct relationship between monomers and Polymers Monomers are subunits of polymers
All organic molecules contain which element? carbon
when do enzymes perform most efficiently on a reaction?
What happens when an enzyme is added to a reaction? The reaction speed up
What happen when an enzyme is removed from a reaction? The reaction slow down
The human body is composed of approximately 70-80% of water
The reactants must be able to bind to the enzyme for the reaction to be catalyzed True or False? True
Enzymes only affect what of the reaction? Speed
Large molecules called what store genetic information? Nuclelcacid
Glucose and fructose are example of Monosaccharide's
Used in animals as a source of quick energy that can be stored in muscles, etc.
This biomolecule stores more energy per gram and is used for along term storage Lipids
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