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Reproductive system

What is the primary genitalia for males? testes
What is the primary genitalia for females? Ovaries
What is shed in mensturation? Uterine lining
What hormone comes from the ovary neccesary for mensturation? Estrogen
What nourishes the fetus Placenta
What is the epididymis? a highly convoluted duct behind the testis, along which sperm passes to the vas deferens. (Where sperm matures)
What are gametes? egg and sperm
What are gonads? Ovaries and testes, produce gamates via meiosis
What is the smooth muscle layer of the uterus called? Myometrium
What is the cervix? A valve like portion of the uterus that protrudes into the vagina
What hormone is most responsible for stimulating immature ovarian follicles to start growing? FSH
What is a fertilized egg called? zygote
What is another name for the oviduct? Fallopian tube
What is the most "Important" Male hormone? Testosterone
What is the external female genitalia called? vulva
What are fimbria? Ciliated projections in the utering tubes that help pull the egg into the uterine tube?
can men get breast cancer yes, not as common though
how many chromosomes are there in different types of cells 46
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