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what is the name of the first cert member to arrive at the scene until the designated cert team leader arrives? incident commander
Each team must have at least how many members? at least three members
which of the elements of fire determines the fire classification? the fuel
what are types of portable fire extinguishers? dry chemical ,wet chemical ,specialized ,carbon dioxide and water.
what is the meaning of LIES? L-Limit I-Isolate E-Eliminate S-Separate
the NFPA 704 is divided into four colored quadrant what does the red, blue and yellow signify? red-flammable blue-health hazard yellow-reactivity
what are the three main functions of rescue? creating a safe environment ,triaging or stabilizing survivors and removing survivors.
triage involves three steps for checking for the ''killers'' check for breathing and airway ,check for bleeding and circulation and check for mental ststus
Created by: Bless me God