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Bomb Vocab.

caustic sarcastic or making fun of someone
annexed taking land to make part of your entity (city,country,etc.)
smoldering causing smoke but burning without flame
chancelor leader of a government similar to a prime minister or president
manifeslty obvious or apparent
economic having to do with a country's money flow through business
commando soldier who carries out raids
tormentor someone who aggravates you or hurts you
fission the breaking of an atom into smaller parts
theoretical thinking about something or solving a problem without using your senses (in the abstract)
calamity affection or misery
poverty the state of being poor
exclusively only meant for a certain group of people/person
blitzkrieg lightning war
secrecy to be kept secret (hidden)
eviction to be kicked out of your apartment/home
plaguing bothering or annoying
alliance to work together in battle someone/something
concocted mix or make something (tipically liquids)
rendezvous a meeting point
fatigue to tire out
tradecraft the art and science of spying
courier someone who transports something
visa special papers that allow you to live or travel in a country that isn't your own
masonry concrete like structure including brick
lamented cried out in grief
incapacitated can't move paralyzed
logistics taking care of getting,moving,and storing anything
inhospitable you are NOT welcome there (not friendly)
ravenous wildly hungry
KGB Soviet Spy Agency
CIA US Spy Agency
SOE Great Britian's special ops training organization
Created by: Lauren71