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scarlet letter multi

Where does the story take place? Boston, Mass
Where is Hester standing at the beginning of the novel On the scaffold
Why was Hester's needlework so important to her? It provides her with income, it gives her a place in the community and it gives her something to be proud of.
Why did Gov. Bellingham want to take Pearl from Hester? He is worried that Hester is too sinful to raise the child
Who convinces the governor to let Hester keep her child? Dimmesdale
What parasite is Chillingworth compared to? leech
How does Chillingworth begin to change physically over the seven years? He becomes weaker
What request does Pearl ask of Dimmesdale? To stand with her at noon on the scaffold
Why does Pearl refuse to cross the brook when Hester asked her to? She does not recognize her mother without the "A"
What two-part confession does Dimmesdale make at the end of the novel? He is guilty of adultery and is Pearl's father
What prevents Hester and Dimmesdale from leaving Boston at the end of the novel? Chillingworth was also on the ship
What becomes of Hester at the end of the novel? She moves back to Boston to live out her sentence
What becomes of Dimmesdale? He dies on the scaffold
What becomes of Chillingworth? He dies and gives Pearl his inheritance
What becomes of Pearl? She marries a wealthy man and starts a family
Identify one minor offence that the puritans had little tolerance for Stealing, gossip, adultery
Define theology Government under the authority of God
Why is Hester embellished her letter "A" Because she was a talented seamstress and she wanted to make the best out of her situation
Created by: Lauren Bowers