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WOCN program

What components are essential when establishing a PUPP Best practice bundle and infrastructure of institution
Identify areas that need to be documented to support a pressure ulcer was unavoidable Evaluated clinical condition and PU risk factors, define and implement interventions consistent with pt's needs & goals, and standards of practice , monitor &eval impact of interventions, revise interventions prn
List the 6 areas for PUPP Skin inspection, risk assessment, Maintain skin health, Optimize nutrition and hydration, Pressure redistribution and offloading the at risk pt, Pt & family education
What is the Braden Q scale Pediatric braden
What are some risk factors for developing pressure ulcer for the intraoperative patient Surgery >4hrs, DM, vascular disease , Preop Braden score <20, hypotension, CVR, thoracic or ortho surgery, thin build, poor nutrition, >70y/o, lithotomy or lateral supine positions, general anesthesia, standard OR mattress
Explain the importance of documentation in preventing pressure ulcers To identify present on admission, interventions, teaching, response to both reimbursement
A pt with an ischial tuberosity PU should be limited to sitting ____ hrs ____ times a day 1 hr, 3 times a day
What is the second most common an anatomical location for PU's Heel
List interventions to maintain skin health Use soaps that have same ph as skin, don't use friction when cleansing, moisturize skin, adequate fluid intake, barrier ointment when needed, no massage of reddened bony areas, use lift sheet, hovermat or hoyer to transfer
Created by: Beth Perry