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Community Emergency Response Team

What are the three fire triangle elements? Heat, Fuel, and Oxygen
Class A Fires is categorized as: Ordinary combustibles such as paper, cloth, wood, rubber, and plastics
Class B Fires is categorized as: Flammable liquids and combustible liquids (oils, gasoline)
Class C Fires is categorized as: Energized electrical equipment (wiring, motors)
Class D Fires is categorized as Combustible metals (Aluminum, magnesium, titanium)
In the nine size up steps, what is the first step? Gather facts
When operating the fire extinguisher what does P.A.S.S. stand for? Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep
What is Arterial bleeding? Bleeding from an artery is spurting bleeding
What is Venous Bleeding? Bleeding from a vein is flowing bleeding
What is Capillary Bleeding? Bleeding from capillaries is oozing bleeding
What are the three main methods for controlling bleeding? Direct pressure, Elevation, and pressure points
During triage when victims are tagged Immediate(I) that means? The victim has life threatening injuries that need immediate attention (airway, bleeding, or shock)
During triage when victims are tagged Delayed (D) that means? The victim may require professional care, but treatment can be delayed
During triage when victims are tagged Dead (DEAD) that means? no respiration after two attempts to open the airway so they are dead
The CERT program goal is: to do the greatest good for the greatest number of people
During triage, you looked for "The killers" the killers is what? Airway obstruction, excessive bleeding and signs of shock
Slight damage includes: broken windows, fallen or cracked plaster
Moderate damage includes: Many visible cracks in plaster, visible signs of damage,
Heavy damage includes: total collapse, tilting, gas leaks, rising or moving water
Effective search and rescue operations hinge on what three things: 1) effective size up 2) rescuer safety 3) victim safety
What are the 2 processes involved in search operation? employing search techniques and locating potential victims
What is pancake void? when floors collapse diagonally onto each other
What should CERT members do if they see a pancake void? get out immediately
What is a lead to void? a collapsed wall of floor leans against an outside wall
What are two basic types of removal? self removal or assist and lifts and drags
Created by: destinyduvall44