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Stack #208560

Glencoe 7th grade - Chapter 6

height above sea level altitude
fierce tropical storm hurricane
cowhand vaquero
sun-dried clay bricks adobe
factories that assemble parts from other countries maquiladora
wall painting mural
fog mixed with smoke smog
produces only enough to support a family's needs subsistence farm
public square plaza
a person of Native American and Spanish ancestry mestizo
What two areas does Mexico connect? North and South America
How many mountain ranges does Mexico have? three
What are Mexico's Native American civilizations Maya & Aztec
How many Mexicans live in cities today 70%
What kind of government does Mexico have? Federal Republic
Name three challenges of Mexico population growth, foreign debt, and pollution
True or False: Mexico lies in the tropics true
What is one of the most polluted rivers in North America Rio Grande
Created by: refroelich