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Mid-term science

is when each allele has its own degree of influence incomplete dominance
Chromosomes that carry the same genes homdogous chromosomes
What do all organisms need in order to live energy/air
After nutrients are broken down where do they go to the blood stream
A group of cells that make special chemicals for the body is a gland
What is a muscle that bends a part of your body flexor muscle
Which of the following is true of each of the four levels of organization for living things each level is more complex than the level below it
What is it called when cells are copied with half the number of chromosomes meiosis
When your cells need energy, they send signals to the brain. The signals make you fell hungry
When traits pass from parent to offspring heredity
Which part of the brain is used for thinking and memory cerebrum
What do all organisms need to get rid of to survive waste
What are cells in the nose that sense odors scenery receptors
What protects the spinal cord tissue
The way an organism looks phenotype
What does the liver store glycoyen
A muscle that straightens part of your body extensor
When a plant fertilizes itself self pollinating
When water diffuses into or out of a cell diffusion
Material that controls all cell activities nucleus
Outside layer of the skin epidermis
When particle move from areas of higher to areas of lower concentration osmosis
What do plants create during photosynthesis glucose
What do bones store minerals and fat
What material in bones makes blood cell marrow
What type of muscle is found in the heart cardiac
What gas is released during cellular respiration carbon dioxide
What surrounds a membrane bound organelle membrane
What is a plant with two dominant or two recessive alleles homozygous
How many bones does the average adult have 206
What do plants use to make glucose sugar/energy for sunlight
What does homeostasis maintain in the body a stable internal invirement
Why do sex linked disorders occur more often in males Y chromosomes/ which are just incomplete X chromosomes
When particles travel from areas of high concentration to areas of low concentration osmosis
Cellular respiration allows plants to get energy from chromosomes
When are organelles and chromosomes copied the first stage
What happens when a true-breeding plant self-pollinates look the same bc have the same genes
List the parts of the cell theory all living things are made up of cells,cells make cells,you have to have to cells to live
Cerebrum a part of your brain
Different forms of a characteristic traits
Two kinds of digestion chemical and mechanical
The part of the brain where we think and store memories cranium
What hormone is responsible for the “fight or flight” response adrenaline
The different forms of a gene that decide a characteristic are known as allele
Created by: C_shelby