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N5 Human impact

Terms and definitions for N5 Human impact unit

Bioaccumulation The increase in concentration of a substance within a population at one level of a food chain.
Biomagnification The increase in concentration of a substance within a number of populations across a number of levels in a food chain.
Algal Bloom The rapid and uncontrolled growth of algae.
Indicator Species An organisms whose presence or absence can be used to judge the conditions within an ecosystem
Herbicides Chemicals used to kill weeds which would compete with crop plants.
Insecticides Chemicals used to kill pests insects, such as green fly, that damage crop plants.
Fungicides Chemicals used to kill the fungi that damage crop plants.
Biological Control The use of a living organism to control a pest species.
Genetic Modification The improvement of an organism by adding DNA from another organism into its genetic information.
Desertification The creation or enlargement of areas of desert
Deforestation Caused when trees are removed and then not replaced.
Overexploitation The removal of a resource from the environment faster than it can be replaced.
Lichen An indicator species for air pollution.
Freshwater Invertebrates This group of organisms can be sampled to show the amount of pollution/concentration of oxygen dissolved in freshwater.
Leaching The process in which fertilisers are washed out of the soil into a water environment.
Pest These types of organisms have a negative impact on the growth and/or productivity of crop plants.
Fertilisers A chemical used to increase the concentration of nutrients in the soil.
Intensive Farming Processes which allow farmers to produce more food, at less cost, from a smaller area of land.
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