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What bacteria is classified as living or nonliving? Nanobes
What are two main characteristics of a functioning ecosystem? 1. Energy flow 2. Nutrient Reclycing
What do bacteria and Protists have in common? both are usually unicellular
Tomatoes are... Eukaryotes
In the chaparral video with Micheal Soule, the _________ was the _________ 1. Coyote 2. Keystone Species
__________ have no vascular system (like veins and arteries) Mosses
All ________ have pores Ferns
Which was discussed in the Rainforest Insect Video? Species Diversity
All animals are... Eukaryotes
Most Species of animals are: Insects
Most species of Fungi are: Heterotrophs
The shared characteristics of life include:
The Rivet Hypothesis explains: How many different species can function well together, until too many are lost
Taxol is a medicine derived from yew trees
Climate change is causing.. polar ice caps to melt
The Theory of Demographic Transition regards: The balance of birth and death rates as a society matures due to social and technological improvements
Externalities are hidden costs of buying or doing something
Temperate Forest Snowy winters, moist warm summers
Grassland Dry with grasses and wildflowers
Tundra High latitudes, permafrost
Chapparal Dry and Shrubby
Tropical Rainforest Wet and Lush
Estuary Where a river connects with the ocean
Wetland Shallow, border rivers and lakes
Desert Dry with a few species
Biomes on land are characterized by their _______________ and their ________ Temperature and Precipitation
Which phylum contains crabs and shrimp? Arthropods
Name 2 types of protists... Algea and Amoeba
Archea Single-celled organisms which live in extreme environments
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