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study guide for law slo

what is monetary degree deposited with the court? bail
what is seizing and obtaining a person by lawful authority? arrest
what is it called when criminals enter a plea? arraignment
what is immediate trial without a jury? summary
what is a person against whom a legal action is brought? defendant
what is a smoothly operating set of arraignments? system
what is a document that outlines the formal charges? information
what is a serious crime? felony
what is a politically defined geographical area? jurisdiction
what is a less serious crime? misdemeanor
what is 50% proof that requires evidence? probable cause
what is the conditional release of prisoners? parole
what are beliefs based on emotion rather than analysis? myths
what is a person advised of their rights? initial
what is a trial before the judge without a jury? bench trial
what is an administrative recording of an arrest? booking
what is the technical order of a resume? name, address, phone number, email, objective, experience, education, interests, tips, references (on a separate page) school activities, and skills.
what, along with your resume, must you have with you during an interview? cover letter
what is a behavior that violates the norms of society? crime- intentional violation of the criminal law or penal code, committed without defense or excuse and penalized by the state
what is the external consequence required to make an action a crime? harm
what are the three separate operations of search and rescue? size up, search, rescue
what are the two factors that determine the decision to attempt a rescue? risks involved to rescuer, overall goal of doing the greatest good for the greatest number of people.
what are the goals of search and rescue operations? rescue the greatest number of people in the shortest amount of time, and rescue lightly trapped victims first
who is the most important person in a rescue attempt? rescuer
what do effective search and rescue operations hinge on? effective size up, rescuer safety, victim safety
when does CERT operation, search and rescue begin and how long does it last? beginning of operation and it lasts as long as the operation continues.
what is the 9 step process of a disaster size up? gather facts, asses and communicate damage, consider probabilities, asses own situation, establish priorities, make decisions, develop plan of action, take action, evaluate progress.
what are the two steps involved in a search operation? employing search techniques, and locating potential videos
what are buildings built before 1933 that collapse easily called? pancake void
what should CERT members do if they see a pancake void? get out immediately
what is it called when a collapsed wall/floor is resting on an outside wall? lean-to-void
what should CERT members do id they encounter a "V" void? leave the building immediately
what are individual voids? spaces where the victim may have crawled for protection
what should CERT members do after identifying possible areas of entrapment? determine potential number of victims, identify most probable areas of entrapment
what does effective search methodology indicate and prevent? indicates rescuer location, prevents duplication of effort
what are the three primary functions involved in rescues? create a safe rescue environment, triaging or stabilizing victims, removing victims
what is leveraging? wedging a lever under object that needs to be moved
what are the two basic types of removal? self-removal or assist, lift and drag
what are the three goals for all rescue operations? maintain rescuer safety, triage in lightly and moderately damaged buildings, evacuate victims as quickly as possible while minimizing additional injury
what do the four extrication methods depend on? + general stability of immediate environment, number of rescuers available, strengths and abilities of rescuers, condition of victim
Created by: Caitlyn1106