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intro to law

Institution of Social Control The administrative recording of an arrest.
Booking A politically defined geographical area.
Misdemeanor Usually the violation of law of a city or town.
Arrest A less serious crime generally punishable by a fine or by incarceration in jail for not more than one year.
Ordinance Violation An organization that persuades people, through subtle and not so subtle means to abide by the dominant values of society.
Grand Jury Indictment A written accusation by a grand jury that a person has committed a crime.
Jurisdiction A pretrial stage in which a defendant is brought before a lower court to be given notice of the charges(s) and advised of his/her constitutional rights
Initial Apperance The seizing and detecting of a person by lawful authority
Bench Trail The conditional release of prisoners before they have served their full sentences
Summary Trail One of Packer's two models of the criminal justice process. Politically, it embodies traditional liberal values. In this this model, the principal goal of criminal justice is at least as much to protect the innocent as it is to convict the guilty.
Nonenforcement Criminal conduct----specifically intentionally or criminally negligent (reckless) action or inaction that causes harm.
Actus Reus An immediate trail without a jury.
Mens Rea A trail before a judge, without a jury.
Mala in se The failure to routinely enforce prohibits against certain behaviors.
Dark Figure Of Crime Criminal intent; a guilty state of mind.
Parole Wrong in themselves. a description applied to crimes that are characterized by university and timelessness.
Arraignment The number of crimes not officially recorded by the police.
Due Process Model An estimate of crimes committed.
Crime Index A legal term that rests on the assumption that someone who is insane at the time of crime lacks the capacity to form mens rea.
Insanity A pretrial stage to hear the information or indictment and to allow a plea.
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