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into to law

intro to law

bill of rights 12 amendments which became known as the bill of rights originally applied only to the national government
probable cause the amount of proof necessary for a reasonably intelligent person who suspect that a crime has been committed
seizures taking of persons or property into custody in response to violations of the criminal law
felony a serious crime punishable as death or more than 1 year in person
misdemeanor a less serious crime that can put you in jail for less than a year
parole when a inmate is released but has supervision In the community received upon release
duress force as an excuse for committing a crime
self incrimination being a witness against oneself if forced it is a violation of the fifth amendment
jurisdiction the right or authority of a justice agency to act in regard to a particular subject matter or person
negligence the failure to take reasonable precautions to prevent harm
bench trail a trail before a judge without a jury
warrant a written order from a court directing law enforcement officers to conduct a search or to arrest a person
disaster kits water , food, kitchen items, first aid kit, tools and supplies, clothing and bedding, special items
LIES limit the amount,isolate products,eliminate products that are no longer necessary,separate incompatible materials
fire is made with: heat, oxygen, fuel
class A fires paper, wood, cloth, rubber , any other plastics
class B fires flammable liquids
class C fires energized electrical equipment
class D fires metals
size up gather facts, assess and communicate the damage, consider probabilities , assess your own situation, establish priorities, make decisions, develop a plan of action, take action , evaluate progress
PASS pull, aim. squeeze, sweep
controlling bleeding direct pressure, elevation, pressure points
tag them I {immediate} D {delayed} DEAD
harm consequence required to make an action a crime
booking recording a arrest typically, the suspects name, the charge, and perhaps the suspects fingerprints or photograph are entered into the police blotter
crime index estimate of cries committed
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