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Slo Review

Define Tainted Fruit. information which has been obtained by illegal means or has been traced through evidence acquired by illegal search and/or seizure.
What is the difference between Bail and Parole? bail refers to paying a certain amount to the government in return of freedom before the date of the trial. A parole when a person gets some time off from their jail sentence in order to fulfill some requirements.
What does the second amendment say? the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
What are the U.S. Dual Court? One system of the state and local courts ad another system of federal courts.
Name somethings that federal criminal cases involve -Bank Robbery -Counterfeiting -Mail fraud -Kidnapping -Civil Rights Abuse
In FEMA what does LIES mean? -Limit -Isolate -Eliminate -Seperate
When suppressing fires, CERT members guard their safety by -Wearing protective equipment -Working as a team -Planning for safe entry and exit -Maintaining a safe distance and position in relation to the fire
What is the first step in the CERT sizeup process? -Gather Facts
What does the NFPA 704 Diamond identify? The NFPA 704 Diamond identifies hazardous materials stored at fixed facilities.
What steps are used to control bleeding? -Use direct pressure- elevation- pressure points
Fire hazards in the home and at the workplace fall into three categories - Electrical hazards- Natural gas hazards-Flammable liquids
What are the basic personal safety equipment that CERT members wear in a disaster? -Gloves -Goggles -Dust Mask -Helmet -Sturdy Shoes or Boots
What does PASS stand for? -Pull -Aim Squeeze -Sweep
What are the 3 things required to make a fire? -Heat -Fuel -Oxygen
Disaster threats can be -Natural -Technologica -lAdversarial or Human Caused
What is Levering? Is using a lever and fulcrum to move a heavy object.
What is Cribbing? Is placing stabilizing material under the lifted edge of the object.
How many breaths do you give after 30 compression's? -2 Breaths
What should the compression rate be? 100-120 per minute
What are signs of shock? -Rapid, shallow breathing- cold -rapid weak pulse -dizziness -fainting
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