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Sheep production

weight of lamb at birth 3-5kg
gestation 149 days
oestrous cycle 17 days
oestrous / heat 36 hours
terminal sire ram used to produce lamb for meat with good carcase quality and lean meat
BCS at mating for ewe / ram 3.5 -4
name 2 mountain breeds blackface mountain wicklow cheviot
name two prolific breeds to increas litter size border leicester Belclare improver
decribe 3 characteristics of blackface mountain hardy, black face, horns, long wool
name a ram used for early (easter) lamb Suffolk
why is a suffolk used for early lamb fast growth rate - reach slaughter weight in 14 weeks
name a native irish breed Galway
what is a cast ewe A mountain ewe whose fertility has declined on the mountain, are bought by lowland farmers and once on a high plane of nutrition fertility improves
"ewe is for quantity" - discuss number of eggs and therefore litter dependent on ewe also her mothering qualities important.
"Ram is for quality" - discuss he provides qualites such as growth rate, muscle mass, carcase quality
list 4 things a farmer would look for in a quality breeding ewe good teeth & feet, good udder, good confirmation, age, health
list 3 things a farmer would look for in a quality breeding ram good teeth & feet, BCS, confirmation, health, age
explain the term seasonally polyoestrous ewes have a number of breeding cycles at a certain time of year
explain the term short day breeders sheep only beed in the autumn time when light levels are low
explain how shortening day lenght influences the oestrous cycles of sheep reduced day light increases the production of melatonin in the pineal gland causes a hormone chain reaction which increases FSH levels
Explain flushing post weaning ewes are put on a low plane of nutrition (using high stocking rate), 3-4 weeks before the ram is introduced put on high plane of nutrition to increase BCS to 3.5 -4
name two methods of synchronised breeding sponging (artificial) ram effect (natural)
explain sponging progesterone sponge inserted in vagina for 12 -14 days, removed, 24-36 hours later all come in heat
what is the ram:ewe ratio for sponging 1:10
explain the term ram effect ewes and rams separated for 6 weeks, suddenly introduce rams, 24 - 36 hours come into heat
what is the ram:ewe ratio for ram effect 1:20
during normal breeding what is the ram:ewe ration 1:40
explain the term breeding out of season ewes are bred early (july) for the easter market, progesterone sponges inserted into vagina, removed 12-14 days later, inject with PMSG, heat 24-36 hours later
list 3 advantages of flushing better implantation, more eggs released, higher conception rates
list 3 advantages of synchronised breeding reduces lambing time, all lambs at same stage, ready for slaughter at once
what is scanning and why is it used using ultrasounds to dermine if a ewe is in lamb and if so with how many. need to know amount of lambs to feed ewe appropiately to prevent twin lamb disease
Explain the term steaming up in the final 6-7 weeks of gestation the ewes are put on an increased plane of nutrition depending on the number of lambs they are carrying 100g-500g for singles 100g - 700g for twins +
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