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Unit 8 Biology

practice test

Which person: mom or dad determines the sex of a baby? dad
What is a Karyotype? a set of photographs of chromosomes grouped in ordered pairs
How many chromosomes do human gametes have? 23
What are 2 ways chromosomes get arranged for a karyotype? homologous pairs, autosomal vs. sex chromosomes
What chromosome are disorders mostly found on? Why? X chromosome; because it's larger and it carries more genes
COdominance represents: spots
INCOMPLETE dominance represents: blend
A transgenic organsim is one that- contains DNA from another organism
Define Gene Therapy Process of changing the gene that causes a disorder in order to eliminate the cause of the disorder
What is the gene called that normally prevents tumor growth in you body? p53
First authorized attempt to cure a human genetic disorder by gene therapy occurred in 1990
First successful attempt to cure a genetic disorder by gene therapy occurred in 1999
DNA Fingerprinting is used to determine- paternity
Define Hybridization breeding technique that involves crossing dissimilar individuals to bring together the best traits of both organisms
Define Inbreeding continued breeding of individuals with similar characteristics
What is the risk of inbreeding? there's a chance for a genetic defect
How do breeders increase genetic variation? they induce mutations, the ultimate source of variability
How do breeders increase mutation rate? they use radiation and chemicals
What are polyploid plants? plants containing many sets of chromosomes
Why are plasmids used for DNA transfer? it ensures the transformed bacteria will be replicated and plasmids contain a gene that makes it possible to distinguish bacteria that carry the plasmid and the foreign DNA from those that don't
In 1986, who transferred luciferase into tobacco plant cells? Steven Howell
What is a similarity between transgenic plants vs transgenic animals? they both improve food supply
transgenic also means: genetically modified
In 1997, who cloned a sheep who he named Dolly? Ian Wilmut
What is the first step to cloning animals? the nucleus of an egg cell is removed
What is the second step to cloning animals? the cell is fused with a cell taken from another adult
What is the third step to cloning animals? the cell is tricked into thinking it's fertilized and begins to divide
What is the last step to cloning animals? the embryo is then placed in the reproductive system of a foster surrogate mother, where it develops normally
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