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china 1.3 billion worlds largest country by population
china worlds fourth largest country by size
china worlds second largest economy
china worlds largest exporter and second largest importer
china worlds fastest growing economy
china worlds largest standing army, with the worlds second largest defense budget, and a nuclear power
china a growing global political and economic power
china worlds oldest continuing culture (5000 years)
east chinas population is concentrated in the
daoism and confucianism religions originating in china
buddhism arrives from india
cultural revolution attempt to purify communist party, 1960s
great leap forward attempt to modernize and enhance agriculture, 1960s
mao zedong chinese communist leader
nationalists and communists conflict between
australia oldest continental landmass
australia about the same size as US without alaska
australia distinctive flora and fauna
australia seasons reversed, southern hemisphere
mount kosciuszko highest point in australia (7310 ft)
20% % classified as desert
el nino southern oscillation drought
drought, bushfires, cyclones (hurricanes), severe storoms, flooding, climate change natural hazards in australia
many endimic animals and plants (only in australia) flora and fauna
eucalyptus, acacia, casuarina plants in australia
monotremes platypus, echidna
marsupials koala, kangaroo, wallaby
placental mammals dingo, rabbit
australia indigenous population
australia 70,000 years ago aboriginal people
melanesian people 700,000-1,000,000 in australia
captain james cook lands at botany bay near sydney and explores the area
penal colony for irish and british convicts australia's original use
22 mill australian population
new south wales, victoria queensland, western australia, south australia, northern territory 6 states of australia
sydney and melbourne 2 largest cities in australia
queen elizabeth II head of state
prime minister malcolm turnball head of government
canberra capital of australia
melanesia the black islands
micronesia the tiny islands
polynesia the many islands
kiribati, tuvalu, tongo, nauru, five countries of the south pacific
high islands volcanic origin, often mountainous
atolls or low islands coral reef turns into island
hotspots hole in the outer layer of the earth where lava is bubbling up
lagoon inner part, shallower water
exclusive economic zone 12 miles off the coast is owned by the country, 200 miles off coast is allowed to be used for resources
shanghai, beijing, tainjin chinas three largest cities
xi jinping chinas current leader
doaism, confucianism, buddhism chinas religions
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