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Advanced Higher Bio

Unit 1 Protein

What is the proteome entire set of proteins expressed by a genome.
Why is the proteome larger than the genome alternative RNA splicing and post translational modification create different proteins from 1 gene
What is a protein polymer made up of particular sequence of amino acids
Why is the order of AA important This determines protein structure and function
What is the primary structure of proteins specific order of AA
What is the secondary structure of proteins Hydrogen bonding (along the backbone of the protein strand)
Name the 3 types of protein secondary structure alpha helix beta pleated sheet (parallel or anti parallel) turns
What are the 4 groups that surround a central carbon on any amino acid COOH (acid) NH2 (base) H R group (this varies)
What are the four types of AA acidic basic polar non polar/hydrophobic
What functional group denotes an acid COOH/COO-
What functional group denotes a base NH2/NH3+
What functional group is polar OH
What AA are hydrophilic polar, acidic and basic
What charge is on an ionised acidic AA negative i.e. COO-
What charge is on an ionised basic AA positive i.e. NH3+
Tertiary structure of a protein involves between what parts of a AA R groups
Name 3 types of interactions that occur at the tertiary/quatenary level van der waal ionic disulphide bridge hydrogen hydrophobic
What type of interaction is covalent at tertiary or quaternary level disulphide bridge
What is a prosthethic group non protein unit tightly bound to a protein necessary for its function
Give an example of a prosthetic group Fe in haemoglobin for oxygen delivery
What is the different between tertiary and quaternary level of protein structure tertiary R groups within one polypeptide whereas quaternary interactions involve interactions between R groups on different polypeptide chains
Created by: kyle_academy