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Chapter 2 Arthropods

Unit 4, Chapter 2 Arthropods

What is the center section of an insect or other arthropod? Thorax
What are arthropods with hard shells called? Crustaceans
What is the shieldlike body part that covers the crustacean's cephalothorax? Carapace
What is an external skeleton? Exoskeleton
What is the hind segment of an insect or other arthropod called? Abdomen
What is a series of changes that transform an egg into an adult called? Metamorphosis
What are appendages that help a crustacean eat? Maxillipeds
What is the body segment of arachnids and crustaceans that consists of the head and thorax fused together? Cephalothorax
What are hard plates that form an insect's head? Sclerites
What are invertebrates that have jointed appendages and an exoskeleton called? Arthropods
What are arthropods with six pairs of appendages called? Arachnids
What is a scientist that studies insects called? Entomologist
What is it called when an arthropod floats in the air on long silk threads? Ballooning
What is the tube that carries air so an insect can breathe called? Trachea
The group of arthropods with the greatest number of creatures in it is... insects
Arthropods live.... in the air, under water and on land
Creatures with 2 pairs of antennae belong to which group of arthropods? Crustaceans
Barnacles, with their hard shells, are part of what group? Crustaceans
If a creature has 4 pairs of legs, 2 other pairs of appendages and 2 body segment it is most likely.... an arachnid
If a creature has 3 pairs of legs, 1 pair of antennae, 3 body segments and 2 pairs of wings it is most likely... an insect
All arthropods have.... an exoskeleton
Describe how you would tell the difference between a centipede and a millipede. (3) Centipedes: flat-bodied, 1 pair of legs per segment, predators, fast, can be poisonous, mostly live in tropics Millipedes: round-bodied, 2 pair of legs per segment, scavengers, slow and wavelike, mostly in dark places
Give 3 examples how why God made arthropods AMAZING! (see amazing arthropods p. 239)
What is one advantage and disadvantage of having an exoskeleton? advantage: protective like a suit of armor, keeps water in disadvantage: doesn't grow, vulnerable when molting
Created by: Mollyhammack