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IP Unit 1


What is a scotoma? A sensory blind spot to information. EVERYONE HAS THEM, ALL THE TIME!
The prefrontal cortex is called the ___________ brain. Thinking
What happens in the prefrontal cortex? We consciously process and reflect on information (THINK)
What is the lower, automatic brain sometimes called? The Reactive Brain or autonomic nervous system
What happens in the autonomic brain? Information is reacted to instinctively, not processed through the thinking brain
What does the Reticular Activating System (RAS) do? It filters sensory information into the thinking brain. What is important TO YOU at the moment is allowed into the brain by this “gatekeeper.”
What does the Amygdala do? It routes information based on your emotional state. If your state is negative, information is blocked from the thinking brain and your reactive brain is in control.
What does the Hippocampus do? It connects new information to already processed information to process and store it. With practice, new learning is “grooved” into long term memory.
What is Dopamine? It is a neurotransmitter (chemical) produced when you are in a positive emotional state that carries electrical impulses across the synapses of nerve cells in the brain.
What does a fixed mindset believe about your most basic qualities, like intelligence or talent? That they are fixed traits that cannot be changed.
What does a growth mindset believe about intelligence and talent? These abilities can be changed and developed with dedication and hard work.
What is self talk? The talk you have with yourself in your head all the time. 50,000 thoughts a day!
Define Potential The possibility of what you can become. It is limited by your attitudes, habits, beliefs, and expectations
This is something you want enough that you make an effort to reach it. Goals
This is a positive statement of something you want to achieve in the present tense like you've already accomplished it. It helps move you toward your goals. Affirmation
These are things you just do, often without thinking about how you got them or if they are good for you. Habits
These are shown by what you say or how you feel about something. We get this likes/dislikes from our experiences in life often without thinking about if they are good for us or not. Attitudes
What two parts of the brain make up the Limbic System? Amygdala and Hippocampus
What are the nerve cells in your brain called? Neurons
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