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Witch L7 Vocab.

Key words in definition so will not be word for word

Fearful expectation Apprehension
Casual Blithely
Given to haughty disregard of others Cavalier
Appear as if by magic Conjured
A small unit Detachment
1. Characterized 2.Not honesty Devious
Usually in gold or silver Filigree
A sender plant with blue flowers Flax
A feeling that something bad is about to happen Foreboding
Like a sail Furled
Twist into a state of deformity Gnarled
Having no luck Hapless
1. Religion 2. Belief Heretic
Joyful and proud Jubilant
A person who is very poor Pauper
A feeling that something is about to occur Premonition
Favorable Propitious
1. A pen made from a bird's feather 2. A spine on a porcupine 3.A feather that can be made into a pen Quill
In a hurry Scuttled
1. Pastry cup with a fulling of fruit 2. Taste sour 3. Harsh Tart
Created by: KHunter