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8th Southwest Asia

Vocabulary Portion

doubling time the time it takes for a country to double in population
famine a severe shortage of food that results in widespread hunger
rate of natural increase the annual rate of population growth. This percentage is calculated by subtracting the death rate from the birth rate It does not include people moving into or out of a country
zero population growth a condition in which the population of a country does not grow but remains stable
reason for population in southest The area is more densely populated in this area because the rivers flowing across this lowland region provide fish for food and water for irrigation.
what is the great leap foward The plan was to help China become a modern industrial company.
What challenges did the Great Leap Forward create for China The Great Leap cause many people to go hungry and for the country to start losing a lot of money.
How did the one-child policy try to address the challenges created by China’s large and growing population The rapid growth of China was becoming so out of control till the leaders of China made a law. The one child policy tried to limit the amount of money being used but the act also caused a lot of money to be loss. Married couples were limited to one child.
Benefits of the one-child policy Slowed the growing population/cheaper for parents/ More food and water/People who followed the law gained from it
Costs of the one-child policy Had to give away children/people wanted boys fines/punished people in densely populated areas
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