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eng 2

agog lead/leader
anthrop man/mankind
arch ancient/cheif
astr/aster star
auto self
bibli book
bio life
chrom color
chron time
cosm outer/world
crac/crat power/rule
crypt secret/hidden
cycl wheel/circle
dem people
derm skin
dox belief/teaching
dyn force/power
erg work/power
gam mate/marry
gen kind/race
a-/an- not/without
geo earth
gon corner/angle
gram write/writing
graph write/writing
heli sun
hem blood
hetero other/different
homo same
hydr water
latr heal/cure
iso same/equal
lith rock
log speech/word/study
mega large/enlargement
metr/meter measure
Micr Small
Mon One/single
Morph Form
Necr Die/dead
Neo New
Nom Law/rule
Onym Name
Orth Straight/corect
Pan All\entire
Path Feel/suffering
Ped Child
Phil Like/love
Phon Sound
Phor Bear/bearing
Phot Light
Pod Foot
Poly Many
Proto First
Psych Mind
Pyr Fire
Scop Seeing/watch
Soph Wise/wisdom
Tax/tax Arrange/arrangement
The God
Therm Heat
Tom Cut
Urg/erg Work/power
Zo Animal
Created by: qchase