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7th grade cy2 test 2

Fletcher 7th grade Succession Biomes & Humans in Space

Taiga A Northern forest biome comvered mostly by coniferous trees
Muscle Something in humans that weakens in a weightless environment
Mercury The closest planet to our sun
Venus The 2nd planet from our Sun
Savanna Another name for Tropical grassland biome
Deciduous A type of tree that drops its leaves in the fall season
Lichen A pioneer species on a volcanic island
Solar System A star with orbiting planets
Mars A planet with a thin atmosphere, some underground frozen water and lots of iron oxide (rust)
Equilibrium When ______ is reached in an area succession stops occuring
Orbital Velocity The speed a satellite must travel to stay at an orbital level around a planet
Biome Large areas that are defined by climate and the lifeforms that live there
Ozone The invisible gaseous layer that protects life on earth from U.V.radiation
Primary Succession The type of succession that occurs after a volcano
Equator The latitude line that divides the Northern and Southern hemisphere
Tropical The warmest climate zone on earth
Grass A pioneer species of secondary succession
Climax Community The end result of succession
Tropical Rainforest An area that receives over 200 cm of Precipitation a year and never freezes
Desert A biome that gets less than 25 cm of precipitation each year but may also reach temperatures of over 50 degrees celcius
Coniferous The type of trees that dominate the Taiga biome
Biodiversity The variety of living species
Temperate The climate zone with 4 seasons, some freezing in the winter and warm summers
Soil Something that Primary succession doesn't begin with
Tundra A biome with permafrost and less than 25 cm of rain per year
Precipitation Water in any from that falls from the sky
Created by: coach_fletcher