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工业 gongye industry
一方面。。。另一方面。。。 yi fang mian...ling yi fang mian on the one hand.. on the other hand
创造 chuang zao create
惊人 jing ren amazing, surprising
速度 su du speed
破坏 po huai destroy
大自然 da zi ran Mother Nature
平衡 ping heng balance
bei doubles, times
关注 guan zhu pay close attention to
面临 mian lin face, confront
噪音 zao yin noise
机动 ji dong motor-driven
车辆 che liang vehicle
废水 fei shui waste water
保护 bao hu protect
san umbrella
yang oxygen
以至 yi zhi so..that
温室效应 wen shi xiao ying green house effect
化肥 hua fei chemical fertilizer
农药 nong yao pesticide
条件 tiao jian condition, state
浪费 lang fei waste
回收 hui shou recycle
技术 ji shu technology
商业 shang ye commerce, trade
丢弃 diu qi abandon, discard
数量 shu liang quantity, amount
建筑工地 jian zhu gong di construction site
交通工具 jiao tong gong ju means of transport
失去 shi qu lose
以往 yi wang in the past
宁静 ning jing peaceful
luan in a mess
kan chop
lan excessive
乱砍滥伐 luan kan lan fa cutting trees at random
水土流失 shui tu liu shi soil erosion
濒临 bin lin on the verge of
绝种 jue zhong become extinct
灾害 zai hai disaster
频频 pin pin repreatly
由此可见 you ci ke jian it is thus clear that
责任 ze ren duty, responsibility
采取 cai qu adopt, take
有效 you xiao effective
措施 cuo shi measure
共同 gong tong common
家园 jia yuan home
chou smelly
Created by: natthapong45
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