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What do Red Blood Cells do? They carry "hemoglobin" and "Oxygen" to all of the cells of the body. Red Blood cells carry oxygen and food to cells.
Hemoglobin is? Is a substance in "red" blood cells that picks up and carries "oxygen"
What do White Blood Cells do? They destroy/kill "Microbes" (also known as germs). White blood cells kills germs.
What are Platelets? They are tiny parts of cells that help thicken or clot blood when you have a cut so you do loose too much blood.
What is the Heart? It is a hollow, muscular organ, it pumps blood to body cells and it is about the size of your fist.
What are the two parts or chambers of the heart? Atrium: The upper chamber of the heart. Ventricles The lower chamber of the heart.
What are blood vessels? They carry the body throughout your body. If put together they would be 80 thousand miles long.
Arteries carry blood to or away from the heart? Away. They carry oxygen ad nutrients away from the heart to the body.
Veins carry blood to or away from the heart? To. Veins carry blood from the body to the heart. They carry carbon dioxide and other wastes to the heart.
What are capillaries? They are the smallest blood vessels, they connect the arteries to the veins.
What is Cholesterol? White waxy substance. Two types HDL and LDL. Our Liver makes cholesterol.
HDL Cholesterol. Good or Bad. Hint Happy It is good cholesterol. It removes the bad or lousy LDL cholesterol from our blood vessels.
LDL Cholesterol. Good or Bad. Hint Lousy It is the Lousy/Bad cholesterol that sticks to and clogs our blood vessels.
What are good foods to eat to get rid of LDL Cholesterol? HDL Foods(Liquid at room temperature) are raw onions, fish, soy, veggies, whole grains, brown flour products, citrus(oranges), apples, grapes, canola, olive, sunflower oils, beans, lentils and tofu.
What are bad foods to eat? LDL Foods(Solid at room temperature) Limit how much you eat of these. White flour, fired food, fast food, French fries, chicken nuggets, sugar, butter, ice cream.
What is the Resting Heart Rate? The number of times your heart beats per minute. Also known as your pulse.
What arteries can you use to check your pulse? Carotid (in your neck) Radial(in your wrist)
What is Aerobic Exercise? It is repetitive, nonstop activity that increases the breathing and heart beat. Running, Biking, Swimming
What is Anaerobic Exercise? It is intense physical activity that last only a few minutes to a few seconds. During which the muscles use up more oxygen that the blood can supply. Then your arms start to shake during push ups.
What are the benefits from working out? 1. Better concentration, sharpens mental alertness. 2. Increases self-esteem and energy. 3. Reduces Stress. 4. Improves Muscle Tone. 5. Strengths Heart. 6. Lowers Blood Pressure.
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