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fjord long, narrow, deep inlet of the sea
Scandinavian Peninsula Norway, Sweden, Finland
tundra only supports shallow-rooted plants
permafrost permanently frozen ground
language family languages with a common base
Romance languages Latin root from Ancient Rome
Germanic languages the root of English
public transportation trains, buses, subways
Iberian Peninsula Spain, Portugal, Andorra
Balkan Peninsula includes Greece, Serbia, Turkey
mechanized farming commercial farms covering many acres
UN United Nations
Cold War time of conflict between U.S. and Soviet Union
USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
alliance agreement between countries
EU European Union
United Kingdom England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland
tourism brings income to local businesses
service industry customer gets a service not a product
privatization business owned by a private person
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Holland familiar name for Netherlands
Dutch people of Netherlands
Switzerland history of neutrality
neutral country does not take sides in war
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