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Oxford Latin Ch 12

word matching

amo, amāre love
animus, -ī, (m.) mind
ante before (+ acc)
aut...aut either...or
commōtus, -a, -um moved
dea, deae, (f.) goddess
despero, desperāre despair
deus, deī, (m.) god
etiam even, also
fēlix, fēlicis lucky, happy
hiems, híemis, (f.) winter
ibi there
imperium, imperii, (n.) order
infēlix, infēlicis unlucky, ill-starred
intereā meanwhile
mihi placet it pleases me, decide
nunc now
nūntius, nūntiī, (m.) messenger
oculus, oculī, (m.) eye
perficio, perfīcere, carry out
peto, petere, seek, pursue, make for
placeo, placēre, please
post after (+ acc)
tantus, tanta, tantum so great
trīstis, trīste sad