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HS 2 Med Term

A Without
Ab Away from
Abdomen Abdomen
ac, al, ar, ary, an Pertaining to
Acu Needle; sharp
Ad toward
Abiotic Nonliving
Abduct Take away; move away
Abdominal Pertaining to the abdomen
Coronary Pertaining to the heart
Acupuncture Therapy using needles
Adduction Moving toward the midline
Aden Gland
Adip Fat
Aer Air
Albin White
–algesia Pain
–algia Pain
Adenoma Tumor of a gland
Adipose Pertaining to fat
Aerobic Pertaining to air
Albino Unpigmented skin
Analgesia Without pain perception
Neuralgia Nerve pain
Ambi- Both
Amni- Amnion (sac covers Fetus)
An- Without
Andr Male
Angi Vessel
Ante- Before
ambidextrous Using both hands
Amniotic Pertaining to the amnion
Anaerobic Without air
Androgen Male sex hormone
Angiogram x-ray of bld vessels
Antepartum Before birth
Antero Before, in front of
Anterior In front of
Anti- Against
Antibiotic Works against microorganisms
Arter artery
Arteriole Small artery
Arthr Joint
Arthroscopy Examination of the joint with a scope
Auto Self, own
Autoimmune Attack of one’s own immunity
Axill Armpit
Axillary Pertaining to the armpit
Bi Two
Biceps Muscle with 2 origins
bio Life
Biology Study of life
–blast Immature, embryonic
Cytoblast Immature cell
Blephar Eyelid
blepharoplasty Surgically repair eyelid
Brachi Arm
Brachial Pertaining to the arm
Brady Slow
Bradycardia Pertaining to a slow heartbeat
Bronch Bronchus
Bronchial Pertaining to the bronchus
Bucc Cheek
Buccal Pertaining to the cheek
Carcin Cancer
Carcinogen Cancer causing agent
Cardi Heart
Cardiogram Record of heart activity
Carp Wrist
Carpal Pertaining to the wrist
Caud Tail
Caudal Pertaining to the tail
-cele Protrusion
Hydrocele Water filled protrusion
-Centesis Puncture to withdraw fluid
Amniocentesis Withdrawal of fluid from the amnion
Cephal Head
Cephalic Pertaining to the head
Cerebr Brain
Cerebrum Pertaining to the brain
Cervic Neck
Cervical Pertaining to the neck
Chem Chemical; drug
Chemotherapy Drug treatment
Chlor Green
Chlorine Green tinted gas
Cholecyst Gallbladder
Cholecystectomy Removal of the gallbladder
Chondr Cartilage
Chondrocyte Cartilage cell
chrom Color
Chromatic Pertaining to color
chron Time
Chronology Study of time
–cide To kill
Suicide To kill one’s self
circum- Around
Circumduction Movement of a part in a circular pattern
celi- Abdomen
Celiotomy Incision into the abdomen
–cise To cut
Excise To cut out
–cle Small
Vesicle Small fluid-filled sac
–coccus Round
Staphylococcus Round grape-like clustered bacteria
col Colon
Colonoscopy Using a scope to view the colon
con- With;together
Consult Work together
contra Against; opposite
Contralateral On opposite sides
coron Heart
Coronary Pertaining to the heart
cost Rib
Costal Pertaining to the ribs
crani Skull
Craniopathy Any disease relating to the skull
cryo- Cold
Cryotherapy Treatment using cold
cyan Blue
Cyanosis Bluish skin
cyst Bladder
Cystitis Inflammation of the bladder
cyt Cell
Cytoplasm Fluid of a cell
–cyte Cell
Erythrocyte Red blood cell
cutane Skin
Subcutaneous Beneath the skin
dactyl Fingers; toes
Polydactyly Having too many fingers or toes
de- Down; away from
Depress Move down
derm- Skin
Dermis Pertaining to the skin
dermat skin
Dermatitis Inflammation of the skin
dextro- To the right
Dextrocardia Displacement of the heart to the right
di- Two
Didactyly 2 fingers or toes on one hand or foot
dia- Through; across
diapedesis Blood cells through blood vessels
dipl Two; double
Diplopia Double vision
dips Thirst
Polydipsia Excessive thirst
dorso Back
Dorsal Pertaining to the back part
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