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Medication types

Different types of meds

Capsule Powder or gel form of an active drug enclosed in a gelatinous container. Also called liquigel.
Elixir Medication in a clear liquid containing water, alcohol, sweeteners & flavors.
Enteric coated Tablet or pill coated to prevent stomach irritation.
Extended release Preparation of a medication that allows for slow and continuous release over a predetermined period, may also be referred to as CR, CRT, SR, SA, LA or TR.
Liniment Medication mixed with alcohol, oil or soap, which is rubbed on the skin.
Lotion Drug particles in a solution for topical use.
Lozenge Small oval, round, or oblong preparation containing a drug in a flavored or sweetened base, which dissolves in the mouth and releases the medication, also called a troche.
Ointment Semisolid preparation containing a drug to be applied externally; also called an unction.
Pill Mixture of a powdered drug with a cohesive material; may be round or oval.
Powder Single or mixture of finely ground drugs.
Solution Drug dissolved in another substance (eg. in an aqueous solution).
Suppository An easily melted medication preparation in a firm base such as gelatin that is inserted into the body (rectum, vagina, urethra).
Suspension Finely divided, undissolved particles in a liquid medium; should be shaken before use.
Syrup Medication combined in water and sugar solution.
Tablet Small, solid dose of medication, compressed or molded; may be any color, size or shape; enteric coated tablets are coated with a substance that is insoluble in gastric acids to reduce irritation by the drug.
Transdermal patch Unit dose of medication applied directly to the skin for diffusion through the skin and absorption into the bloodstream.
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