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Basic Science of the Skin: Structure and Function

dendritic cells found in the mid-epidermis Langerhans cells
A common skin disease in which Langerhans cells play a prominent role is ______ , such as poison oak contact dermatitis
two layers of dermis? Papillary dermis; Reticular dermis
the major effector cell in urticaria
Also known as hives urticaria
is an example of panniculitis (inflammation of the subcutis erythema nodosum
help regulate body temperature by excreting sweat onto the skin surface eccrine glands
Epidermis: function and associated disease Permeability barrier; atopic dermatitis
Epidermis and dermis: fxn and associated disease protection from pathogens; molluscum contagiosum
Albinism is associated with what tissue layer? What does this layer fail to do? Epidermis, protection from UV light
Tissue layer related to sensations? Compromised in what disease? Diabetic neuropathy, Epidermis, dermis, subcutis
Tissue layers associated with wound repair Epidermis and dermis
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