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JiaYou L4 clothes

华裔 chinese born overseas huá yì
伴娘 bridesmaid bàn niáng
牛仔裤 jeans niú zǎi kù
T恤 t-shirt T-xù
高跟鞋 high-heeled shoes gāo gēn xié
休闲 to rest, relax xiū xián
婚礼 wedding hūn lǐ
教堂 church jiāo táng
旗袍 cheongsam qí páo
唐装 traditional chinese clothing táng zhuāng
新郎 bridegroom xīn láng
伴郎 best man bàn láng
新娘 bride xīn niáng
to mix hún
式样 style shì yàng
倾向 to tend to agree with qīng xiàng
讲究 to be particular about jiǎng jiū
特色 features, characteristics tè sè
和服 kimono hé fú
韩服 traditional korean clothing hán fú
沙丽 traditional indian clothing shā lì
风格 style fēng gé
现代感 fashion sense xiàn dài gǎn
婚纱 wedding dress hūn shā
浅色 light colors qiǎn sè
礼服 formal wear lǐ fú
套裙 women's suit(with skirt) tào qún
发型 hair style fā xíng
显眼 conspicuous xiǎn yǎn
首饰 jewelry shǒu shì
set tào
习俗 custom xí sú
轿子 sedan chair jiào zǐ
盖头 traditional chinese bridal veil gài tóu
仪式 ceremony yí shì
to cover méng
to uncover jiē
惊喜 surprised jīng xǐ
肯定 certainly, undoubtedly kěn dìng
合格 qualified hé gé
handsome shuài
出风头 to show off chū fēng tóu
嫉妒 to be jealous of, envy jí dù
形容词重叠 reduplicative patterns of adjectives
尽管……但是…… in spite of..., but... jìn guǎn ……dàn shì ……
(别说……)就是……也…… even though..., but still... (bié shuō ……)jiù shì ……yě ……
……认为…… ...believe/think... ……rèn wéi ……
在……上 in some aspect... zài ……shàng
比如……就…… bǐ rú ……jiù ……
倾向于…… tend to agree with qīng xiàng yú ……
此外…… besides/moreover... cǐ wài ……
v+起来 v+qǐ lái
Created by: hcl
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