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8th Ch 6 Questions

Questions from Ch 6 Outlines

What kind of energy does a "moving" object have? kinetic
What kind of energy is "stored" energy? potential
What kind of energy is the combination of kinetic and potential energy of an object on a large scale, like a soccer ball? mechanical
What is thermal energy the sum of? kinetic and potential energies of particles
What is thermal energy? the sum of kinetic and potential energy of particles in a material
What kind of particle energy is related to temperature? kinetic
Complete the relationship: Materials with higher temperature have ______ average kinetic energy particles than materials with lower temperature. higher
Particles whose kinetic energy is large are moving at an ______ average speed than particles whose kinetic energy is smaller. greater
Two materials can have the same temperature but have different what? thermal energy
What is used to measure temperature. thermometer
What thermometer has a liquid that expands when the temperature rises and contracts when the temperature drops. bulb
What thermometer measures the resistance in an electronic circuit and converts it to a temperature? electronic
What temperature scale is used around the world by scientists. Celsius
What temperature does water freeze on the Celsius scale? 0
What temperature does water boil on the Celsius scale? 100
Water freezes at 273 and boils at 373 on what scale? Kelvin
What is the lowest possible temperature any material can get; at this temperature the particles would have no kinetic energy. Absolute Zero (0 K)
What is heat? The movement of thermal energy from a warmer object to a cooler object.
Thermal energy can be _______ from one object to another by radiation,conduction, and convection. transferred
What is radiation? The transfer of thermal energy from one object to another by electromagnetic waves.
When particles ______, the particles have a higher kinetic energy transfer energy to particles that have lower kinetic energy. collide
What is being transferred along with kinetic energy when particles collide? thermal energy
In what kind of materials does radiation happen? solids, liquids, and gases (ALL objects!)
The only way for thermal energy to travel from the Sun to Earth is by ___. radiation
Empty space is referred to as a ___. vacuum
The average kinetic energy of the particles in a substance is also known as ___. temperature
The transfer of thermal energy between materials due to particle collisions is called ___. conduction
Under what condition is there "heating"? As long as one object has a higher temperature than the other.
What is a material in which thermal energy flows easily through? thermal conductor
What is a material in which thermal energy does not flow easily? thermal insulator
____ are good conductors because they have electrons that move easily. metals
_____ are good insulators because they have electrons that do not move as easy. non-metals
What is the amount of thermal energy it takes to increase the temperature of 1 kg of a material by 1 on the Celsius scale. specific heat
Water has a _____ specific heat which makes it good for cooling. high
An increase in a material's volume because of the temperature rising. thermal expansion
A decrease in a material's volume because of the temperature dropping. thermal contraction
What is the transfer of thermal energy by the movement of particles from one part of a material to another? convection
Convection occurs because of differences in _____ due to thermal expansion and thermal contraction in different parts of the material. density
What are the movements of fluids up and down in a cycle because of convection? convection currents
_____ appliances are devices that convert electrical energy into thermal energy. heating
What is a device that regulates the temperature of a system? thermostat
A ____ is a device that uses electric energy to pump thermal energy from a cooler location to a warmer location. refrigerator
A refrigerator uses electrical energy to move ________ through the refrigerator pipes. coolant
A machine that converts thermal energy into mechanical energy. heat engine
A ________ engine, such as those found in moving vehicles, converts thermal energy into mechanical energy. internal combustion
In an automobile engine, only about 20% of the chemical energy gets converted into mechanical energy; the rest becomes_____, which causes the engine to become hot. heat
Heating continues between objects until they have reached the same ___. temperature.
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