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Category 2 Review

Uses of Energy, Circuits, Light and Forces

energy the ability to do work or cause change
electrical energy the form of energy that consists of a flow of electric charges through a conductor
experimental investigation a type of investigation in which variables are tested
explore to search or investigate
light energy a type of electromagnetic radiation that can be seen
mechanical energy then energy in an object due to its position or motion
sound energy a type of energy caused by vibrating sound waves
thermal energy the energy of moving particles that produces heat
battery a device containing a dry cell that supplies a direct current by converting chemical energy into electrical energy
bulb the glass part of an electrical lamp that gives off light
buzzer an electrical device that makes a buzzing noise
circuit the path of an electrical current
closed circuit an electrical path with no breaks or gaps
current the flow of electricity through a conductor
demonstrate to show or make evident
electricity energy created by charged particles
flow the movement of energy, water , mud, or lava
heat transfer of energy between two objects when the objects are different temperatures
path the course or route something travels
switch a device that closes or opens a circuit
wires thin strands made of metal used to carry electricity
absorb to soak up or take in
camera a tool used to take photographs
concave lens a type of lens that is thinner in the middle
convex lens a type of lens that is thicker in the middle
demonstrate to show or make evident
medium a substance through which energy or waves travel
mirror a reflective surface, usually silver in color
prism a transparent, three dimensional shape used to separate white light into the color spectrum
reflection light energy that bounces off of a surface
refraction the bending of light rays as they pass from one substance to another
travel to move from one place to another
design to create or plan
effect a change resulting from an action
experimental investigation a type of investigation in which variables are tested
force a push or pull that causes an object to move, stop, or change direction
friction the force that resists motion when two surfaces rub against each other
gravity a force that pulls objects towards each other
investigation the act or process or using inquiry to gather facts
magnetism the pulling force of a magnet
object something that can be seen and touched
reliability the degree to which results of an investigation are valid and dependable
repeated investigation an investigation that is conducted multiple times
results outcome of an investigation
spring scale a tool to measure weight using the force of gravity
test to carry out an investigation
variable a condition or factor that changes in an investigation so the effects can be observed
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