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Europe and Russia

Vocabulary relating to Europe and Russia

Transportation Barriers A geographic feature that prevents or slows transportation.
Transportation Corridors A path where at least one main line of transportation has been built to improve movement from one area to another.
Foreign Products made in another country.
Domestic Products that are made within a country.
Demographics The characteristics of a human population, such as age, income, and education.
Literacy The ability to read or write.
Life Expectancy The average amount a person is expected to live in an area.
GDP The total amount of goods and services in a country in a year.
Manufacturing Make on a large scale using machinery.
Productivity The state or quality of producing something.
Socialism A system of government in which the government controls economic resources.
Communism A system of government in which a single political party controls the government and the economy.
Republic A form of government in which officials are elected by the people to govern.
Democracy A form of government by the people, in which citizens often elect representatives to govern them.
Absolute Monarchy A form of government in which a king, queen, or emperor controls the government.
Constitutional Government A form of government in which a king, queen, or emperor shares power with the parliament.
Parliament Legislature of the government of the UK, Canada and India. They also choose the Prime Minister.
Prime Minister Is the government leader in a Parliamentary government and he is always a member of the Parliament.
Genocide A large killing of a particular ethnic group or nation.
Alliance A partnership between countries.
Imperialism The practice of extending a nation's influence by controlling other territories.
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