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General 6

Q bank: Randomly Generated 6

What are the most important predisposing factors for acute pancreatitis? Alcohol and gallstones
This drug for candidal infection works by complexing with ergosterol causing membrane leakage. Nystatin
Best marker for identification of B cells on flow cytometry: CD3, CD4, CD8, CD19, or CD56 CD19; CD20 and CD21 would also be possible choices; CD3 is on both CD4 and CD8 cells and used to measure total T cell coung; CD56 is a marker for NK cells
What is Leukoplakia? White plaque on oral mucosa for which more specific diagnosis cannot be rendered; progresses to carcinoma in 5%
This muscle relaxant inhibits calcium release from intracellular stores. Dantrolene
This type of arthritis can result in quadriplegia. Rheumatoid arthritis
A patient with a defect affecting glycosylation of hydroxylysines. Diagnosis? Ehlers-Danlos syndrome
41 yro man w/ diarrhea, weight loss, and epigastric discomfort. Biopsy of stomach shows no cancer but diffusely thickened rugal folds w/ hyperplasia of mucus cells with scant gastric glands. Diagnosis? What is not being adequately absorbed? Menetrier disease; protein absorption is affected and may cause hypoalbuminemia and peripheral edema
This drug opens ATP dependent potassium channels leading to vasodilation (hyperpolarization) of vascular smooth muscle and inhibition of insulin secretion (again due to hyperpolarization. Minoxidil; remember that sulfonylureas (tolbutamide, chlorpropamide, glyburide, glipizide, and glimepride) have an opposite reaction on beta cells, blocking potassium channels
78 yro woman with long-standing lesions on her face. Well-circumscribed, tan to brownish w/ slightly raised rough surface. Parts of lesion can be peeled away with dull side of scalpel. Histology shows pseudo-horn cysts. Diagnosis? Seborrheic keratoses
What is the major muscle of reaching and pushing, and what innervates it? Serratus anterior, innervated by the long thoracic nerve so injury should by scapular winging
The fingernail beds of the first three fingers as well as most of the palmar surface of the hand are innervated by this nerve. Median
What would a biopsy of the synovium in a patient with rheumatoid arthritis contain? proliferative synovitis with many lymphocytes, macrophages, and plasma cells;
A patient with hepatitis B is vulnerable to develop which of the following: Berry aneurysm, coronary artery aneurysm, dissecting aneurysm, giant cell arteritis, or polyarteritis nodosa? Polyarteritis Nodosa, strong correlation w/ Hep B
Vasculitis that is capable of affecting all systems except the lungs. Histology shows segmental necrotizing vasculitis w/ 3 stages: fibrinoid necrosis, fibroblast proliferation, and nodular fibrosis. Diagnosis? Polyarteritis Nodosa
A patient with a UTI and plasma pH of 8. What is the organism responsible? Proteus mirabilis, urease activity results in the conversion of Urea to CO2 and ammonia resulting in alkalosis. Elevation of the pH of the urine causes formatio of renal calculi
A patient with an asymptomatic blood disorder wants to know the chances of passing it on to his child. Spouse is genotypically normal. Uncle has HbH and patients brother died in utero of hydrops fetalis. What is the chance of passing on this trait? alpha-thalassemia; 50% chance of passing on trait
Brain tumor, which, on biopsy shows whorling pattern of cells. Meningioma
Goodpasture, and systemic vasculitis (Wegener, microscopic polyarteritis, Churg-Strauss, polyarteritis nodosa, giant cell arteritis, Takayasu arteritis) can cause this disorder resulting in blood and protein in the urine. Rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis
Paraganglioma found at the bifurcation of the carotid body arises from cells whose principal secretory product is what substance? Carotid body tumor; histologically similar to pheochromocytomas, secretes catecholamines
What is the best initial test for suspected syphilis? VDRL; nontreponemal test for serum antibodies which will cross react with and agglutinate mammalian cardiolipin; If negative, then should be followed up with by FTA-ABS
How does staph aureus evade phagocytosis? Productio of protein A, which binds Fc component of IgG preventing opsonization
This organism is capable of inactivating complement to protect iteself against opsonization. Strep pneumoniae
These organisms possess IgA proteases to prevent being shed from mucosal surfaces. Strep pneumo, Neisseria, and H influenzae
Wasting of the hypothenar eminence and dorsal interosseus muscle as well as marked flexion of ring and little finger. What nerve is damaged? Ulnar nerve
Match these 3 symptoms with the trisomy most closely related to it: Epicanthal folds, Microcephaly, Rocker bottom feet Epicanthal folds: 21 (Down syndrome); Microcephaly: 13 (Patau syndrome); Rocker bottom feet: 18 (Edward's syndrome)
Newborn diagnosed with Down syndrome has bilious vomiting and two air-filled structures in upper abdomen with no distal bowel gas. Diagnosis? Duodenal atresia (failure of recanalization of embryonic gut); The "double bubble" sign on X-ray only means two things, duodenal atresia or annular pancreas, but only duodenal atresia is associated with Down syndrome
TH1 cells secrete this cytokine to inactivate TH2 cells to prevent IgE production in B lymphocytes. Interferon gamma; this is the principal behind allergic desensitization
Copper chelating agent used to treat Wilson's disease. Penicillamine; Wilson's disease has neurologic symptoms (bradykinesia, rigidity, tremors, or chorea) hepatic findings (hepatitis, cirrhosis, or asymptomatic LFT elevations) and Kayser-Fleischer rings (greenish-brown rings on outer edge of cornea)
18 yro male brought in for sore throat and headache. Petechial rash on palate with complaints of photophobia. Lumbar puncture produces opaque fluid with neutrophils, low glucose and elevated protein. What is the organism responsible? N. meningitidis; age is best association
In plain terms, what is sensitivity, specificity? Sens: how many people who test positive for the disease over the total number who have the disease; Spec: how many test negative over total number who don't have disease
What is positive and negative predictive value? Positive predictive value is how many people have the disease over all who test positive for the disease; negative value is how many people don't have the disease out of those who test negative
In CLL, the abnormal cells will exhibit what markers? CD19 and CD20, with immunophenotype somewhat like B cells, with IgM, or IgM and IgD.
A 30 yro woman is in the ER after an accident. Respirations are rapid and very shallow and patient appears to be cyanotic. Chest X-ray shows broken ribs but no other anomalies, what is the cause of the cyanosis? Hypoventilation of peripheral origin; hurts to breathe (broken ribs) so patient is hypoventilating
Reddish, slightly raised rash on face, neck, and mouth of HIV patient. Microscopically there is proliferating stromal cells and endothelium creating vascular channels that contain blood cells. What is the causative agent? Kaposi sarcoma caused by HSV 8
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