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Bio 094 Final Exam

Bio 094 Final Lecture Exam

What is the LEAST common but MOST dangerous form of cancer? Melanoma
What are the 4 stages of Bone healing in order? Hematoma forms, Callus Forms, Bony Callus, Bone Remodeling
Where are red blood cells formed? Marrow
What is the blueish material formed in the embryonic bone? Hyaline Cartilage
What are hip and shoulder joints called? Ball and Socket joints
What is the Oxxa Coxae? Hip Bone
What is the Axial skeleton? Skull, spine and ribs
Which bone does not articulate with any other bone Hyoid
The Neuromuscular junction is... Where the nerve sits on and attaches to the nerve. Between a Neuron and a muscle
What attaches bone to muscle? Tendons
A Sarcomere is Segment of myofibril, Smallest contractile unit of muscle, extends from one z disc to the next
________is attached to the movable bone, when muscle contract, moves towards the origin which is immovable. Insertion
Quadriceps (Thigh) include what muscles? Rectus Femoris, Vastus lateralis, Vastus medialis.
Largest protective organ of our body? Skin or integument
What glands produce hormones that regulate body systems.... Endocrine glands
What cavity houses the lungs and heart? Thoracic Cavity
The Dorsal Cavity contains what? Cranial and spinal
What element us a universal solvent? Water
ATP is... Energy
Levels of structural organization that make up the body... Chemical level>Cellular >Tissue > Organ >Organ System >Organism
Covalent bonds... Atoms Shared
Ionic bonds take what... An electron
______ Reaction occurs when two or more atoms or molecules combine to form a larger, more complex molecule. Synthesis Reaction
Solutions with a pH lower then 7 are... Acidic
Alkaline solutions have a pH higher or lower 7? Higher
Inorganic compounds lack....? They lack Carbon
Organic Compounds contain what? Carbon
Enzymes are catalysts that do what? Start a reaction
Enzymes are recognized by this suffix forming part of its name.. -ASE
Movement of molecules from a high concentration region to a low concentration region Diffusion
What type of muscle is striated and involuntary... Cardiac
What type of muscle is NOT striated and involuntary Smooth
This muscle is striated and voluntary.. Skeletal
What is the study of tissues called? Histology
Where are proteins built? In Ribosomes
What is the cell membrane made out of? A Phospholipid bilayer
In what layer of the epidermis do the cells actively divide stem cells? Stratum Basale layer
If your skin is red, painful and swollen what degree burn do you have? 1st Degree
Your burn is this degree if its red, swollen and blistered. 2nd Degree
If your skin is gone, what degree burn do you have? 3rd Degree
Bone tissue found at the ends of long bones.. Spongy bone
The hip bones are formed by the fusion of three bones, the.... illium, ischium and pubis
What is the antagonist of the quadriceps? The Hamstrings
Segment of myofibril, Smallest contractile unit of muscle, extends from one z disc to the next Sarcomere
In the reflex arc the message from the brain is ____ and to the brain is_____. Motor, Sensory
In what part of the nervous system does the body automatically defend itself? The Autonomic (Involuntary) nervous system
What carries the message away from the neuron? Axon
Junction between two neurons Synapse
What part of the brain controls swallowing and breathing? Medulla Oblongata
What does the Sympathetic nervous system control? Fight or flight response
Pathway of light through the eye... Cornea>Aqueous Humor>Lens> Vitreous Humor>Retina
Photoreceptor cells are.... Rods and cones
Semicircular canals control... Dynamic and Static Equilibrium
Where is the Spiral Organ of Corti located? The cochlea
Order that sound passes through the ear... Pinna>Auditory Canal>Eardrum> Hammer, Anvil, Stirrup> Oval Window>Internal Ear
Where are the savory receptors on the tongue? Middle of the tongue
What is the largest endocrine gland? Pineal Gland
Testosterone is produced where? Testes
Adrenals glands are found where? On top of the kidneys
What organ makes insulin to break down sugar? Pancreas
Hormones get on the ____highway? Blood (Circulatory System)
This doesn't have a nucleus Erythrocytes
What is a pigment in cells? Hemoglobin
Do leukocytes have nucleus? Yes
What cells have hemoglobin that carry oxygen? Red Blood cells
Bone marrow is the site of.... Red blood cell formation
What formed element clots blood? Platelets
Universal blood recipient? Type AB
What is the largest blood vessel in the body? Aorta
Smallest vessels in the body... Capillaries
What is the pacemaker of the heart? Sinoatrial Node (SA Node)
What separates the left atrium from the left ventricle? Bicuspid(mitral) valve
Nutrient system of the heart Coronary Vessels
Natural immunity is... Mothers milk and exposure
Artificial immunity is... Vaccines and needles
HIV attacks.... Helper T Lymphocytes
Lymphatic structures found in small intestines Peyer's Patches
Plasma cells (immature B lymphocytes) produce what.... antibodies
Capturing lymph fluid from blood vessels and putting it back in is a function of what body system> Lymphatic System
Lines the nasal cavity, rests of rich network of thin-walled veins the warm air as it flows past. Moistens air and traps incoming bacteria and other foreign debris Respiratory Mucosa
Process that gas exchange uses... Diffusion
What protects the covering of the larynx Epiglottis
What is used in both the respiratory and digestive system? Pharynx
Pathway Carbon Dioxide leaves the body... Alveoli>>bronchi>>trachea >> larynx>>pharynx
Membrane that covers the lungs... Pleura
What covers everything exposed to the outside? Muscosa
Name three respiratory disorders... COPD, Emphysema, Bronchitis
Wavelike motion of contraction and relaxation of the muscles, propels food when swallowing... Peristalsis
What forms stool? Large Intestines
Pathway of food... Pharynx>Esophagus> Stomach>Small Intestine> Large Intestine
What forms the renal corpuscle? Glomerulus and Bowmans Capsule
Outer region on Kidney? Renal Cortex
Inner region of Kidney? Renal Medulla
Main functioning Unit of the kidney... The Nephron
Order of Urine elimination? Collecting Duct> Renal Pelvis> Ureters>Bladder>Urethra
Fertilized egg has how many chromosomes? 46
Where does fertilization of the ova occur? Fallopian tube
What surrounds a baby in the placenta? Amniotic fluid
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