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LFC A, C 18

Latin for Children A, Chapter 18

video vision
teneo tenacious
habeo habit, habitual
iubeo jussive
augeo augment, augmentation
aro arable
navigo navigate, navigation, navigator
flo flow, fluent, fluid
voco vocal, vocation
vito inevitable
aurum auric
argentum Argentina
bracchium brace, bracelet, embrace
colloquium colloquial, colloquialism
consilium counsel
ferrum ferric
folium foliate, foliage
monumentum monument, monumental
saxum saxon
signum signal, sign, significant
silentium silent, silence
vallum wall
velum veil
verbum verb, verbal, verbose
agricola agriculture
nauta nautical
poeta poet, poetry
animus animate, animated
campus camp, campus
annus annual
murus mural
ventus vent
equus equestrian
ferus feral, ferocious
fluvius fluvial
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