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Politics AS Level

Participation through the Ballot Box

Approximately how many people live in a constituency? 75,000-100,000
When were major constituency boundary changes brought in? 2010
Give statistics of class voting 2015 General Election C1- 41% Conservative, 29% Labour DE- 41% Labour, 26% Conservative
Give General Elections as evidence of class dealignment 1979- Thatcher reached out to unemployed working class (Labour isn't working) 1997- Blair reached out to aspiring middle class with taxation policy
Give figures for Partisan Alignment 1945 election- Labour and Conservative won almost 90% of the vote 2005- 13% of the electorate felt a strong support to one of the main parties
Give figures for gender as a voting factor 2015- 38% men voted conservative, 37% of women
Give figures for age as a voting factor 2015- 27% Conservative vote 18-25 y/o increases to 47% among the 65+
Give figures for ethnicity as a voting factor 2015- Labour vote share among minorities is 65% compared to 28% from white British - 6% of Black Africans, compared to 22% of Indian origin
Region as a voting factor figures North-South divide. 31% of Northern voters voted Conservative, 12 points behind the rest of the UK
Created by: bethysav