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Family Gramineae
What does it mean to say maize is self pollinating It has silk (female) and tassel (male) plant part. Pollen falls from the tassel to the silk where fertilisation occurs
Why is maize becoming increasingly popular, especially with dairy farmers? * higher DM than first cut silage *produces little or no effluent *High levels of starch & protein
soil suitability deep soil (roots reach 1.5m) pH 6.5 - 7 brown earths
climate Maize requires warm climate - soil must be 10 degrees before germination will take place
time of sowing Under plastic = March - May Open sowing = April - May
Rate of sowing 25 Kg/ Ha
method of sowing maize seeder
germination rate Under plastic = 7 days Open sowing = 21 days
Variety Under plastic = Justina Open sowing = Fergus
Fertiliser requirements 65000L slurry / Ha N, P, K
pest wireworm
disease eye spot
sympotoms of eye spot * brown spot surrounded by yellow circle
harvest - time By 1st October to avoid frost
harvest - method Maize harvester
Yield under plastic 15-20ton/Ha Open sowing 13-14 ton/ Ha
Storage Ensiled like silage
Created by: msbrowne