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Baucis and Philemon

Ovid 2: Baucis and Philemon Vocabulary Cards

Abditus Concealed, hidden
Adeo To approach, go up to
Aetas Age
Anser Goose
Anus Old woman
Arvum Field
Celeber Crowded
Celer Quick, swift
Collis Hill
Colo To worship
Consuesco To be accustomed to, to be wont
Cortex Bark
Daps Meal
Delumbrum Temple
Domo To tame
Edo To give forth, to utter
Epulae Feast
Famulus Servant
Flavesco To become golden
Focus Fireplace
Furca Fork
Hesternus Yesterday's
Incola Native, inhabitant
Macto To sacrifice
Marmor Marble
Nitor To struggle
Ovum Egg
Palus Swamp
Paulus Small
Paveo To be frightened
Probo To approve
Quercus Oak tree
Ramus Branch
Seco To cut
Sedulus Attentive
Serta Garlands
Siccus Dry
Sisto To set up, make to stand
Species Appearance
Spons Will, volition
Stagnum Pool
Sus Pig
Textum Cloth
Tignum Beam
Totiens Whenever
Velo To cover
Vilis Cheap
Voluntas Goodwill
Created by: 18barkea