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Potatoes - Maincrops

Family Solanaceae
Rotation 1 in 4 last field before Lime
Soil suitability pH 5 - 5.5 Brown earths stone free
varieties Golden wonders roosters
seed bed prep deep plough 22cm till remove stones make ridges
Time of sowing March
seeding rate 40000 - 60000 seeds / Ha or 5 ton / ha
method potato planter
fertiliser N:P:K 150:150:300 Kg / Ha
too much nitrogen delays maturity
2 x pests eelworms aphids
2 x diseases Blight (fungus) blackleg (Bacteria)
harvesting - time Oct onwards
harvesting - method elevator digger
Yield 30 - 40 ton / ha
sprouting expose potatoes to light to produce sprouts
too much potassium reduces dry matter
phosphorous increase DM
where is certified seed produced Donegal
why is certified seed produced in Donegal wet and windy weather keeps aphid population low --> these are "vectors" for disease
What is earthing - up? Increasing the amount of soil around the stalks to prevent sunlight reaching the tubers to prevent greening
why, and when, do you burn off the haulms 2-3 weeks before harvesting to make harvesting easier and toughen up the skins
leaf roll diease viral disease
scab damages the potato skin caused by a high pH
what is greening of the tubers? sunlight cuases alkaloids in the potato to form this can be toxic if consumed at high levels
Created by: msbrowne